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All of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, product design, and more, collected in chronological order.

Offer multiple options in your quote

Creating quotes that convert is as difficult as getting clients in the first place. As a business, you want to go for a high margin on your work but also for the highest possible customer satisfaction.

How we do customer support at Beyond Code

Selling software and video courses to thousands of customers comes with a lot of customer support and responsibility. Some customers don’t understand where they can download a product, others have technical questions and some want refunds.

Grow, when it’s time to grow

On 1st of March 2021 and after about three years, Beyond Code grows from a Company of One to a team of three!

A worst-case scenario for developers

It took me years to make the jump from my job as an employee to become self-employed. In hindsight, I realize that I have never thought about my worst-case scenario for this life change.

Their company, their rules

It took me seven years to go from employee to being self-employed. During these seven years, I tried to change the company I was working for as a developer, team lead, and project manager. I argued with our boss multiple times a week and got pushed back in more than 90% of all cases.

Why you should stick to the default Laravel architecture

Projects which are built by teams of developers and that take months to build, need to be easily maintainable. They should be easy to understand and follow as much default conventions as possible. Why? Teams change.

Build trust with new clients

Trust is an essential thing in business. It makes negotiations about new projects easier and focuses on rational solutions for your client instead of emotional reasons for or against a business relationship. This is a guide how we create trust.

Increase your hourly rate

Most freelancers, agencies, and consultancies base their offers on an hourly basis. This is fine in many cases and also something that your clients understand. However, how do you choose your rates and how do you handle them in negotiations?

If a client asks for a lower price, be comfortable to say no

After several meetings and countless emails about details of an upcoming software project, you have finally crafted an offer. After a while, the client gives you a call and asks if you can build the project for a lower price or provide them with a discount. What do you do?

Introducing Animaginary: High performance web animations

When you’re building a website for a company as ambitious as Planetaria, you need to make an impression. I wanted people to visit our website and see animations that looked more realistic than reality itself.